In the past few weeks we have been contacted by so many of our loyal customers wondering how things were going with all of us here at Bahia Honda Tarpon Charters after hurricane Irma. Without a doubt Irma was the worst storm to come in and hit the Keys in a long time. It has impacted about everyone I know, some a lot worse than others and some have lost everything. It is amazing how awesome everyone has been at working together to help people in need, and to get started on re-building their homes and cleaning up the area. Family - friends - neighbors - and even those who have had some differences in the past, are coming together as a whole community. Many charitable donation sites are being set up in order to help the local residents and business get back on their feet and re-build their communities. I will be posting some of these as new info and links become available to us.

For those of you asking about the fleet here at Bahia Honda Tarpon Charters, we do have some good news to report. All of the boats and equipment in our fleet came through Irma without damage. All of our captains have worked hard to get all of their boats and equipment out of harm’s way before Irma came ashore. All of us need some time to get our properties and homes back in order, but then it’s back to fishing in a few weeks.

We have received emails, texts, and calls from so many of our generous customers asking if everybody on our team was OK, and then if there is anything they could do to help us out. After some deep and emotional conversations with our captains, the absolute unanimous answer has been...

"Please let our customers know that we really need them to support us and our families by coming back again and fishing more charters with us this coming season”. 

The fish are absolutely just as hungry as they were before Irma hit and we certainly do expect an incredible fishing season just as we did after Hurricane Wilma hit us back in 2005.

As a show of your support, we ask you to please go ahead and get your calendars out and book your charters now for the season. Give your family, friends, and loves ones gift certificates for fishing charters for their birthdays and holidays. Add a couple more fishing trips to your annual fishing agenda. Life is short!  Fish more often with your loved ones. Spend more quality time with colleagues and workmates. Fishing is good for your health because it reduces your daily stress level, letting you live longer. We cannot think of a better way to reduce stress than spending time on the water.

We want to let you know that this is a two way street. If you have anything that you need assistance with after Hurricane Irma, please do let us know. I have lived and worked in South Florida for over 28 years now, and I do know a lot of different local tradesmen and local business owners.

Thank you so very much for your continued support and business. Now let's go catch some big fish!

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Capt Pete Rapps and the crew here at Bahia Honda Tarpon Charters, LLC.