Glynn Hall testimonial for Bahia Honda Tarpon ChartersTarpon fishing at Bahia Honda Bridge with Capt Pete Rapps needs to be Disney's next white knuckle ride. From the moment you set out the tension builds. Capt Rapps puts you right on the fish. Remember what it was like when you were a kid watching the bobber and waiting for it to go down? well it's just like that except when it does your attached to 100lbs of silver bullet. This is what happened to us...A fish takes your bait and runs for the bridge structure. As you apply all the strain you can, Pete guns the boat and the battle is on! The fish runs into open water leaping wildly and shaking its body and head like crazy. You drop the rod tip and by a mirical she is still on. Run after run, jump after jump, you hold on. Crashing now back towards the bridge Pete commands a couple of clicks to the drag and apply pressure... in all we hooked up 18 Tarpon. To land one of these beauties everything needs to go right. For us finally bringing a 125 lber to the boat will live in our memories for ever. Fishing is a joy and we have been lucky enough to visit and experience some amazing trips but to be honest 4 hours with Capt Pete on the Tarpon Roller Coaster at Bahia Honda will leave you thrilled, happy , exhausted and begging for more!!!!!
Glynn Hall
New Castle, United Kingdom